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Meeting Company Objectives with Effective Project Portfolio Management

By Carla Slater Kettrick Managing a company’s project portfolio is not unlike managing a client’s personal financial investment portfolio. A financial investment portfolio begins with developing a strategy to meet personal financial objectives, which means investing in things that they feel will benefit them, from bitcoin to oil (click for more information on this). The […]

Mind Your Pipeline

A typical stage / phase-gate product development process would start with an initial Investigation or Exploration phase where data is gathered about the market opportunity for a new product, the product and development project is defined, and an initial business case is prepared.  When this is done, an initial gate review is typically conducted.  This […]

Time to Market and Pipeline Management

Many of the clients we work with and companies that we talk to rank time-to-market or meeting development schedules highly important – often the second most important priority after developing a product that meets customer requirements.  Yet we generally see product development pipelines that are overloaded.  When people are overloaded there are only three possible […]