Workshop Pricing

PD-Trak Solutions offers a range of approaches and training modules to provide both the initial implementation training as well as on-going training of PD-Trak users. Our training typically covers software functionality and use as well as process basics and best practices that provide a context for the effective use of this project portfolio management system.

Normally, we recommend onsite training with exercises to support the initial implementation and use of PD-Trak. For smaller organizations or to provide follow-up training for new employees, we offer webinars covering all aspects of the system. The nature of webinars limits the intensity of our interactions during training and the feedback with exercises, but the webinars are very cost effective for small groups. Finally, our embedded help and our training materials can provide another learning alternative for the motivated user. Regardless of what training format is used, the training and the training materials can be customized to your process, terminology and needs.