Software and Methodology for the Effective Management and

Execution of Product Development, IT and Other Types of Projects

PD-Trak Solutions provides a software solution and methodology assistance for companies wishing to improve their project execution effectiveness. Our primary focus is product development, but our software and services can also be applied to IT and many other types of projects following a stage/phase-gate process. We offer an affordable solution that is highly configurable to accommodate different project process models as they commonly apply across project applications and industry segments. We also offer customization services which may involve customizing the web interface in HTML/Javascript or customization using embedded Visual Basic code in Excel® and MS Project® files. Our software can be scaled from simple department level applications to complex, multi-national enterprise level implementations.  It comes with pre-defined best practices templates that enable quick implementation for companies that do not have an effective, existing stage/phase-gate or portfolio management approach. Other companies may have effective processes in place, and just need an information management system to facilitate those processes. In both cases, we can scale both our software and supporting services to meet your needs.

PD-Trak Features & Capabilities

Best Practices

Best Practices-Based Product Development Starting Point and Flexible Configuration to your Process.

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Idea Management

Idea management system to capture and evaluate ideas for new products or new projects.

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Portfolio Management

Portfolio planning and management with many tools to evaluate a proposed portfolio and check it against resources and investment.

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Process Definition

Tools to assist project teams follow the defined processes and produce the defined deliverables.

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Stage / Phase-Gate

Tools to facilitate effective stage / phase-gate or toll gate reviews and program reviews to pick the right projects.

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Integration with MS Project

Integration with Microsoft Project® or its own project management tools aimed at effective, consistent project execution.

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Resource Management

Multi-project resource planning and management with flexible modeling of options.

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Pipeline Management

Tools to monitor and manage the product or project pipeline – maximizing project throughput.

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Performance Management

Wide range of performance measurement and dashboard tool at the project and portfolio levels.

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What our clients say about PD-Trak

“We are very satisfied with PD-Trak. It has a simple user interface and is highly configurable. It is a well organized system with tremendous flexibility. That said, we needed a customized model for capturing the financial contributions for the new products being developed and a key factor in selecting PD-Trak was their ability to offer cost effective customization. There is great reporting capabilities at both the project and portfolio level. It is configurable to the needs of the individual business. PD-Trak Solutions is knowledgeable and responsive in their service, both in design and configuration as well as troubleshooting. We find that it is excellent value for the cost. One more important point is that the vendor of PD-Trak stays with client every step of the way.”

Dow Plastics - Global DeploymentGlobal Commercial Excellence Leader

“We have been using PD-Trak for almost two years now, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results.  PD-Trak has facilitated a more disciplined and methodical approach to our product development activities and improved the project management capabilities of our teams.  The system offers strong guidance, but also allows flexibility for organizational customization.  The resource and portfolio management functions have helped ensure we are moving forward only the most impactful and financially viable projects.  Finally, the responsiveness of the PD-Trak team throughout the entire process has been very impressive.  I highly recommend that any organization that is looking for a more disciplined and productive product development process seriously consider the PD-Trak system.”

Wagner SprayTech - Minneapolis and Markdorf, GermanyVice President of Product Development