Software and Methodology for the Effective Management and
Execution of Product Development, IT and Other Types of Projects

PD-Trak Solutions provides a software solution and methodology assistance for companies wishing to improve their project execution effectiveness. Our primary focus is product development, but our software and services can also be applied to IT and many other types of projects following a stage/phase-gate process. We offer an affordable solution that is highly configurable to accommodate different project process models as they commonly apply across project applications and industry segments. We also offer customization services which may involve customizing the web interface in HTML/Javascript or customization using embedded Visual Basic code in Excel® and MS Project® files. Our software can be scaled from simple department level applications to complex, multi-national enterprise level implementations.  It comes with pre-defined best practices templates that enable quick implementation for companies that do not have an effective, existing stage/phase-gate or portfolio management approach. Other companies may have effective processes in place, and just need an information management system to facilitate those processes. In both cases, we can scale both our software and supporting services to meet your needs.